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Author: Shannon Simpson

How Long Do People Have to Pay Spousal Support?

By Apr 1, 2023 Posted in Alimony

In the state of Iowa, spousal support takes on one of the following four forms: traditional, rehabilitative, reimbursement, and transitional. The first is often reserved for couples where one spouse was a stay-at-home parent who may be unable to obtain gainful employment and requires long-term and potentially permanent support. Rehabilitative spousal support helps one spouse advance their education and training to obtain employment through short-term assistance. Reimbursement support is when one spouse reimburses the other […]

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Common Tax Issues with Divorce

By Mar 15, 2023 Posted in Divorce

The process of going through a divorce is both time-consuming and often stressful because it will generally have long-term, even life-long implications. When going through the division of assets and liabilities, it is important to consider the role that taxes play. If you are going through a divorce, it is helpful to speak with a local Iowa divorce lawyer familiar with the role taxes will play in your divorce like those from Simpson Legal Group.  […]

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How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce

By Feb 15, 2023 Posted in Divorce

Determining how to discuss your pending divorce with your children can be one of the most important decisions that will have the most prolonged impact on your children. A poorly managed divorce can result in an extensive and damaging process for all parties, especially children. Disruptions in a child’s life due to divorce can result in long-term issues and schisms in the family, highlighting the importance of carefully managing a divorce when children are involved.  […]

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What is Common Law Marriage and How Does it Work?

By Jan 31, 2023 Posted in Newsletter

Common law marriage is a term that is used relatively often; however, how it is applied within the context of disputes like separation or child custody agreements is often difficult to determine. Under the Iowa Administrative Code Ch. 73, common law marriage is defined as “a social relationship between a man and a woman that meets all the necessary requisite of a marriage,” excepting that is was not “solemnized, performed or witnessed by an official […]

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How Long Does it Take to Finalize a Divorce? 

By Jan 17, 2023 Posted in Divorce

If you are approaching the divorce process, or have already begun, one of the main questions on your mind may be, how long will it all take? While it would be great if we could offer you a clear-cut, one-size-fits-all answer, that is impossible as the answer is: it depends. Some divorces proceed in line with the norm. After meeting state eligibility and other requirements and filling, it has a mandatory 90-day waiting period before […]

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Common Mental Health Issues in Family Cases 

By Dec 15, 2022 Posted in Child Custody

Mental health can be an important deciding factor in many areas when it comes to family cases like divorce, financial support, or child custody. For example, substance abuse disorders, anxiety, or depression might impact one spouse’s ability to care for a child or could impact their capacity to provide financial support for themselves. While your family law attorney is not a mental health specialist, they do know how mental health issues might legally impact your […]

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Emotional Stages of a Divorce

By Jul 17, 2020 Posted in Articles

Making the choice to end a divorce can bring about several different emotions and behaviors. Marriages do not typically break down overnight. Depending on whether you are the initiator of the divorce or the one receiving the news, it is likely that each person will feel different emotions at different stages of the process. Understanding the following emotional stages can help parties and reach their own level of personal healing. Disillusionment of One Party. At […]

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Virtual Mediation: Things to (do) for a successful virtual mediation.

By Jul 2, 2020 Posted in Mediation Services

Virtual Mediation: Things to (do) for a successful virtual mediation. by Jailey Simpson Do choose a mediator with online mediation training. In addition to Comprehensive Divorce and Family Mediation Training, our mediators at Simpson Legal Group, LLC, have also completed Online Zoom Mediation Training. This additional training ensures that your virtual mediation is conducted by a mediator that is experienced and comfortable with the platform in which he/she will conduct your virtual mediation.   Do […]

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Why Mediation Instead of Litigation?

By Jun 25, 2020 Posted in Mediation Services

Why Mediation Instead of Litigation? by Ryan Muldoon           Legal disputes involving the court system can potentially lead to financial ruin for individuals or businesses.  Lawsuits are time-consuming endeavors that can also take a toll on a person’s mental, emotional, and physical health.  Mediation is an alternative method of dispute resolution where a trained third-party neutral, more commonly referred to as a mediator, helps guide the parties to a resolution.              Here are five […]

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What is Virtual Mediation?

By Jun 18, 2020 Posted in Mediation Services

What is Virtual Mediation? by Shannon Simpson Mediation is a tool used by two or more people who present their unique set of legal circumstances to a neutral third party known as mediator.  The mediator’s job is to attempt to contain emotions and reduce conflict to assist the parties in reaching a mutually amicable resolution to their dispute. The trained mediator can help facilitate communication and problem solving techniques that can form the basis for a […]

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