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Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Co-Parenting in Iowa

By Aug 15, 2023 Posted in Child Custody

Some divorces that involve children result in shared custody, based upon the recognition that children deserve meaningful and substantial relationships with both parents. However, shared custody typically requires more interaction between the parents. With busy schedules, and the daily challenges of raising children, this can lead to friction between co-parents, especially when the divorce is less than amicable. If you are facing some challenges when it comes to co-parenting, an experienced child custody lawyer can provide some guidance to help you smooth things out. 

Keep Perspective

Many emotions can be involved when difficulties arise in your custody arrangement. It is easy to lose perspective and see issues much larger than they are. Your co-parent will sometimes be late due to circumstances beyond their control. Your co-parent will make mistakes and forget things. You may not see eye-to-eye with them regarding supervision and daily engagement with your child. 

As difficult as it may be, you need to keep these missteps or differences in parenting style in perspective. One way to do this is by remembering that your child’s best interests are paramount. They deserve to have a healthy relationship with both parents, and this relationship can become strained when fighting and arguing continue long after the divorce is complete. 

Work on Your Communication

Many parents are surprised to learn that co-parenting requires almost as much communication as when they were married. The reality is, however, that successful co-parenting requires effective communication. Here are some suggestions for better communication between co-parents: 

  • Practice courtesy. Saying “please” and “thank you” is appreciated by everyone. 
  • Choose the medium that works best for both of you. Some co-parents communicate better via email or text, while others prefer discussing matters over the phone. 
  • More communication is better than less communication. Many disputes over child custody could be avoided if one parent was more forthcoming about their needs or potential issues. 
  • Respect each other’s space. Unnecessarily demanding your co-parent’s attention when you know they are working or otherwise occupied is disrespectful and likely to result in a hostile and unproductive exchange. 

Follow the Parenting Plan

This may seem obvious, but many co-parenting issues arise when one or both parents neglect their parenting plan. Your parenting plan was developed to guide each parent’s rights and responsibilities clearly. A common scenario that causes issues is that the parents verbally agree or consent to an informal modification. The situation becomes increasingly unclear as time passes until one or both parents feel that they are being shortchanged. 

Both parents should follow the parenting plan to the letter as closely as practicable.  If your current parenting plan isn’t working, we recommend contacting a child custody lawyer to discuss whether you should consider amending it. 

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