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Marriage can be difficult; the end of a marriage can be even more so. Divorce takes a huge emotional toll on the spouses, of course, but it also presents a wide range of practical, financial and legal challenges that need to be addressed before the parties go their separate ways. Most people going through the transition of divorce haven’t done so before – and probably never expected to. Questions abound about what to do now and what happens next:

  • Where am I going to live?
  • Where will my children be living and who will they be living with?
  • How am I going to support myself and my kids?
  • How do we untangle our finances?
  • How do I know my spouse is being honest about their financial situation?
  • Am I going to have to go to court? Will my kids?
  • Where can I turn for answers?

No one should have to face these questions alone. No one should try to navigate the complexities and confusion of divorce and family law issues without a steady, knowledgeable and compassionate hand to guide them. At Simpson Legal Group, LLC in Council Bluffs, we provide experienced, committed and personal representation for all issues that can arise from a marriage:

  • Divorce. From advising you before divorce proceedings begin, to protecting you and your children throughout the process, to being there for you long after the ink has dried on your divorce decree, we are your partner and guide at every step of your divorce journey. We endeavor to minimize the acrimony that all too often makes divorce more painful, costly and more drawn out than it need be, while still ensuring that your rights are protected. We try to reach fair and equitable agreements on disputed matters through skilled negotiation whenever possible, but are equally prepared to provide tenacious courtroom advocacy when necessary. Learn more about our divorce services.
  • Child custody, support and visitation. As a parent, nothing – nothing – is more important to you than your child’s well-being. We understand that intuitively. Just as you are, we are fiercely protective of your children and your relationship with them. Everything we do when crafting workable and fair child custody, support and visitation arrangements is focused on your children’s best interests. Throughout divorce proceedings and thereafter, we work tirelessly to ensure that your children have the support, resources and environment that will allow them to grow and thrive, as well as strengthen family bonds. Learn more about our child related services.
  • Alimony and spousal support. When marriages end, there is often a disparity between the spouses’ respective incomes and resources. We endeavor to establish spousal support arrangements that are fair and based on a complete picture of your financial situation. Learn more about our alimony services.
  • Asset division. Equitably dividing property accumulated over years of marriage is no small task. Asset division in an Iowa divorce goes far beyond divvying up personal possessions or even deciding what happens to the marital home. Allocating pensions, investments, insurance policies and other aspects of a couple’s portfolio requires a comprehensive understanding of both the law and finance. We work to resolve all asset division issues clearly and fairly. Learn more about our asset division services.
  • Business and farm valuation. If you and/or your spouse own a family business or farm, accurately determining the value of these investments is critical to child support, alimony and asset division determinations. However, it is also an often-complicated process that requires knowledge of the unique way in which agricultural interests and complex business arrangements are valued. We work with accountants, appraisers, financial advisors and others when appropriate to make sure that the fair and accurate value of these interests are assessed. Learn more about our business and farm valuation services.
  • Prenuptial agreements. If you need assistance in the preparation of a prenuptial agreement or have questions about what role an existing agreement will play in your divorce, turn to Simpson Legal Group, LLC. We have extensive experience with preparing, defending and challenging prenuptial agreements. Learn more about our prenuptial agreement services.

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