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Online Mandatory Parenting Classes Offered during COVID-19

A new Supervisory Order was entered April 2, 2020, allowing the District Courts of the State of Iowa to approve attendance at online parenting courses in compliance with the Iowa laws mandating completion of a parenting course for cases involving child custody or visitation. Several District Court Chief Judges have issued Orders permitting parties to utilize online parenting classes in order to comply with the statutory requirement. These Orders ensure that your case can continue to move forward during this period of reduced court access.

To register for your online class, if you are located in the Fourth Judicial District, please go to the following website: www.swiamediationcenter.org
Southwest Iowa Mediation Center: The Southwest Iowa Mediation Center has established a temporary alternative to in-person classes as evidenced by their online parenting class offered during COVID-19. Located on the website is a link which takes you directly to the Center for Divorce Education where there is a class entitled “Children in Between”. The online class is a 4 hour class. After completion of the class, the participant can download a certificate of completion for filing with court. The class is 100% online and is available 24/7 on computers, smartphones and tablets. Once paid for, the participant has a 30 day access period. This class is approved by the Fourth Judicial District, however, other classes may have been approved for different districts in the State of Iowa.
For any questions or concerns that may arise regarding this issue, do not hesitate to contact Simpson Legal Group, LLC at (712) 256-9899. We will assist you to find the best possible class appropriate for you.



Many people have asked questions regarding how to handle the child related provisions of their previously filed Court Order regarding custody, care and visitation during the current COVID-19 situation. On Saturday, March 28, 2020, the Iowa Supreme Court issued a Supervisory Order regarding this matter. The Iowa Supreme Court has stated that prior orders regarding custody, visitation or care schedules that are related to school/summer schedules shall be uniformly interpreted to refer to the school schedule where the child attended prior to any school closure caused by COVID-19. The Supreme Court went on to state that the schedule the child should follow, for custody, care and visitation purposes is the schedule that would be in place if school was in session and that schedule shall not be impacted or modified simply because of the school closure. The Court went on to state that a school closure caused by the COVID-19 virus does not extend or modify custody, care or visitation beyond any period designated in a prior order. The school closure, caused by COVID-19, does not amount to an extension of a spring break or the beginning of summer break. The Court stated that if a parent is currently violating a Court Order by failure to return the child to the other parent due to a misguided conception that the schedule has changed due to the school closure associated with the COVID-19 virus, the child should be immediately returned in conjunction with the prior court order.

We realize this language can be somewhat confusing, therefore, if you need assistance in understanding the Supervisory Order, or how it may pertain to you, please feel free to contact Simpson Legal Group, LLC at (712) 256-9899.


Communicating with Simpson Legal Group, LLC during the COVID-19 Crisis

During this unprecedented time, Simpson Legal Group, LLC has remained continuously committed to providing excellent legal services. When we made the decision to reduce the risk of exposure to both our staff and clients, we were prepared with an efficient and effective Business Plan to allow us to seamlessly continue communication and legal services to both current and prospective clients.

Our Plan, which has now been implemented, has allowed our Team to continue utilization of telephone communication with our clients, but has expanded to allow our Team to transition to the additional use of video conferencing. Video conferencing was implemented to allow our Team to conduct meetings with our current/prospective clients to meet all of their legal needs. Our secure video conferencing has allowed our Team to maintain collaboration with our clients/prospective clients on all legal matters. Our Plan has, further, allowed our Team to remotely continue to seamlessly work with each and every client/prospective client so that they are not required to take their legal path alone. The implementation of the Plan has allowed our Team to remain ready, willing and able to guide our clients/prospective clients during these difficult times.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with our Team, please feel free to contact us. A member of our Team will assist you with getting your appointment scheduled via our secure video-conferencing communications.

For any questions or concerns regarding your legal needs, please feel free to contact us at (712) 256-9899. Thank you for considering allowing our Team to assist with your legal needs during these difficult times. We are proud to be able to convey our continued commitment to assist our clients/prospective clients, even during these unprecedented times.


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