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What is Virtual Mediation?

By Jun 18, 2020 Posted in Mediation Services

What is Virtual Mediation? by Shannon Simpson

Mediation is a tool used by two or more people who present their unique set of legal circumstances to a neutral third party known as mediator.  The mediator’s job is to attempt to contain emotions and reduce conflict to assist the parties in reaching a mutually amicable resolution to their dispute. The trained mediator can help facilitate communication and problem solving techniques that can form the basis for a final resolution.  

During these unprecedented times, however, face-to- face interaction may not be practical.  But moving your case forward continues to be possible with remote virtual mediation.  Virtual mediation allows  parties to work on  settlement of their dispute, in an online environment, without the need for in-person meetings. The mediation is conducted by means of videoconferencing and is both confidential and private.  Your mediator will assist you through the entire process and help you to work towards an amicable resolution.

If you are  interested in learning more about the virtual mediation process, and how it can assist in moving your litigation forward in these unprecedented times when court access is limited, please feel free to contact us at Simpson Legal Group, LLC, with any questions you may have. We can be reached at (712) 256-9899.

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