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Join us for our upcoming Blog Series – The REVISED Iowa Child Support Guidelines..What you should know!

By Feb 14, 2018 Posted in Articles



Over the next several weeks we will be highlighting the recent changes to the Iowa Child Support Guidelines in our five part blog series –  The REVISED Iowa Child Support Guideline – What you should Know!.  We will be highlighting such areas as:


  • How “income” is now defined, including what is considered “income” for child support purposes;
  • What are “child care expenses”, how are they defined according to the child support guidelines, and how they can affect the child support obligation;
  • How publicly funded HAWK-I insurance coverage is handled as cash medical support;
  • How the “allowable portion” of health insurance premiums are determined;
  • What “step down support” amounts are and the new requirement for inclusion of these “step down” amounts when more than one child is eligible for support in a given case.

Please join us in the weeks to come to learn more on each of these topics.  Should you require additional information on this topic, please feel free to contact Simpson Legal Group, LLC at (712) 256-9899.

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