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How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce

By Feb 15, 2023 Posted in Divorce

Determining how to discuss your pending divorce with your children can be one of the most important decisions that will have the most prolonged impact on your children. A poorly managed divorce can result in an extensive and damaging process for all parties, especially children. Disruptions in a child’s life due to divorce can result in long-term issues and schisms in the family, highlighting the importance of carefully managing a divorce when children are involved. 

The journal Healthy Children notes the importance of considering your child’s developmental status before discussing divorce. It is essential to seek stability during the divorce and after, and a child issues lawyer from Simpson Legal Group, LLC can help you develop a custody agreement and plan that accommodates the best interests of your children. 

A Family Law Attorney with Child Custody Experience Can Be Especially Valuable 

When the courts determine what to decide regarding child custody, they will refer to the “best interests of the child,” the BIC. The best interests of the child concern their emotional, physical, social, educational, and overall well-being. Children going through a divorce will naturally feel a sense of uncertainty and worry about what will happen next. The ability to grow in a stable and productive environment is the court’s focus in custody decisions, which will be based on the evidence you present and the effectiveness of your case. 

A Carefully Drafted Custody Agreement Removes Uncertainty 

One of the central values that provide long-term benefits from your family law attorney with extensive divorce experience from Simpson Legal Group, LLC is a custody agreement. A custody agreement is beneficial for removing ambiguity regarding what will occur and the arguments that follow when things aren’t clear. This includes extensive details about how custody is shared and managed, with contingencies for unique situations that might arise to ensure stability. 

A comprehensive custody agreement that takes into account not simply a bi-weekly rotation of visitation or custody but also holidays, special events, and other occasions helps to remove uncertainty. Drafting this agreement and presenting it during the divorce proceedings helps to ensure that your wishes are respected from the outset rather than having to seek to revise agreements later on. 

Get Help Working Through Your Divorce and Custody Concerns 

Going through a divorce with children can be tough, and it is natural for emotions to get involved. However, managing a divorce amicably when emotions are running high can be difficult, and working with an experienced divorce lawyer supports you through every step. To learn how we can help, call (712) 256-9899, or visit our site to schedule a consultation

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