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Common Mental Health Issues in Family Cases 

By Dec 15, 2022 Posted in Child Custody

Mental health can be an important deciding factor in many areas when it comes to family cases like divorce, financial support, or child custody. For example, substance abuse disorders, anxiety, or depression might impact one spouse’s ability to care for a child or could impact their capacity to provide financial support for themselves. While your family law attorney is not a mental health specialist, they do know how mental health issues might legally impact your divorce, child custody, and other family law proceedings. 

The many ways in which mental health can impact family cases underline the importance of working with an informed legal advocate throughout every step of the process. One of the experienced family law attorneys from Simpson Legal Group, LLC is available to discuss how mental health might impact your family law case, and read on to learn more.

Depression, Anxiety, & Substance Abuse Disorders Impact Family Cases Regularly 

The American Psychological Association, APA, reports that depression, which is extreme sadness or despair that lasts for days or longer, can lead to negative physical outcomes and also impact the individual’s mental functioning. Depression is a common mental health disorder alongside anxiety, and the symptoms of these conditions alone can impact one’s ability to care for children or to work or care for themselves. Substance abuse disorders often result from depression and anxiety, which may further impact your family case. 

Determining the extent of a mental health issue requires expert assistance, and there are local resources available. 

Connect with Local Resources 

While your divorce attorney can help with the legal side of things, care providers are also often an essential element of the equation. Persons encountering mental health issues in the state of Iowa may look to the government for assistance in locating service providers for help. Going to the Iowa Department of Human Services Mental Health division, MHDS presents a list of prospective services ranging from “Children’s Mental Health & Well-being” workgroups to links to in-patient and out-patient service providers. 

If your loved one is facing a mental health issue, it is important to ensure that they receive the necessary mental health care in their support. In addition, if these issues might impact aspects of your divorce proceedings like financial support or child custody, it is essential that your experienced divorce attorney incorporate them into your proceedings. 

Discuss Your Concerns with a Family Attorney from Simpson Legal Group, LLC

If mental health issues are a concern in your divorce, child custody dispute, or financial support orders, working with an experienced lawyer can help ensure the best possible outcome, given your unique situation. To learn how we can help, give us a call at (712) 256-9899, or visit our site to schedule a consultation

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