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Ways to Handle Custody During the Holidays

By Nov 15, 2022 Posted in Newsletter

Co-parenting at any time of year can be difficult, but during the holidays, custody disagreements and issues can be especially difficult to deal with. Everyone wants to be with their loved ones on the holidays, and when a child custody agreement splits a child’s time between parents, one party will naturally be missing out. 

The best way to minimize stress and disputes associated with child custody around the holidays is by working with an experienced divorce attorney to create a mutually acceptable child custody agreement that can withstand the stress of the holidays. However, this does not always happen. If you need legal assistance, one of the custody dispute attorneys from Simpson Legal Group, LLC is available to help, while the following tips can also be of some benefit. 

Go Into the Holidays with a Co-Parenting Plan 

Disputes often develop as a result of a failure of clarity, when one party or another fails to meet the expectations of another. Often, such disputes happen because the party that had expectations failed to communicate them clearly. To avoid failures to communicate or natural miscommunications, it is extremely helpful to have a co-parenting plan in place that specifically addresses the holidays. 

Your family law attorney can help you draft this ahead of time so that you and your former spouse have a written resource to refer to when determining how limited and special time over the holidays will be divided, rather than wasting time fighting over it. 

Recognize Changes and Incorporate Then Into New Traditions 

Adapting to the many changes that go along with a divorce or child custody agreement and changes can be difficult. However, resisting change only leads to stress, and it is helpful to recognize that things are different when approaching child custody concerns around the holidays. Making new traditions and adapting to your custody agreements doesn’t make anything any less special, and it can help remove some uncertainty around how things will be. 

Connect with a Custody Dispute Lawyer from Simpson Legal Group, LLC Now 

The best interests of any children involved in a divorce will always be the focus of the courts, and ensuring that your wishes are respected will depend upon the effectiveness of your case and the presentation thereof. If the initial agreement was contentious, the holidays could be especially difficult to deal with, considering custody issues and disagreements. 

 It can be easy to get lost in the details when it comes to a divorce, but with children involved, identifying a mutually agreeable solution is all the more important. The experienced divorce attorneys with Simpson Legal Group, LLC have helped many clients achieve beneficial child custody agreements, and we are here to help with yours. 

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