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Modifying and/or Terminating Alimony during the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Aug 14, 2020 Posted in Articles

Many individuals have questions regarding how COVID-19 affects their receipt of alimony payments, and/or their ability to pay alimony, during these unprecedented times.  Questions have been raised, due to extensive loss of employment during the pandemic, as to whether alimony could be potentially increased and/or decreased during these times. The simple answer is, if your alimony is not deemed non-modifiable in your divorce documents, the alimony is potentially subject to modification.  Because of the current circumstances, many people are looking for information regarding options that may be available to either increase, reduce and/or terminate alimony payments entirely.  The law in Iowa is clear that there are circumstances where modification and/or termination of alimony is proper.

In the majority of cases, alimony payments are modifiable if there has been a substantial change of circumstance, which is more or less permanent or continuous, and not temporary.  The person seeking to modify the alimony award must prove this change has occurred.  The facts of the individual case will determine whether modification and/or termination is appropriate.  In addition to an increase and/or reduction to alimony payments, alimony is also subject to potential termination entirely.  The facts of each individual case will dictate whether modification and/or termination is appropriate.

The complete impact of modification and/or termination of alimony payments had not yet been seen in the Iowa courts, but it is evident that some people will need to modify/terminate alimony payments if either parties’ economic condition is impacted due to the pandemic.  For more information regarding modification and/or termination of alimony payments, don’t take the legal path alone.  Please feel free to contact one of our skilled family law attorneys at Simpson Legal Group, LLC [(712) 256-9899] to assist you with the process. 

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