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Is Filing for Divorce In Iowa Online a Good Idea?

By May 15, 2022 Posted in Divorce

The dissolution of your marriage is a matter that should be taken seriously, and it is also a matter that should be handled by a legal professional that understands the law and how it works in Iowa. Relying upon any person or entity that is not an Iowa licensed attorney is never, in our opinion, a good idea. At Simpson Legal Group, LLC, we are attorneys that have dedicated our careers to helping people in Iowa understand the family law system and utilize that system to protect themselves and their families.  

Why Filing for Divorce Online May Not Work for You

There are several reasons why filing for divorce online may not be the best option for you:

Cheaper Doesn’t Mean Better

Filing for a divorce online without the benefit of counsel will certainly be a less expensive option than retaining a lawyer. However, you will pay something, and you do not receive any personalized guidance in return. You are responsible for understanding legal terms and concepts, and if you mess up, you may end up having to hire a lawyer to remedy your mistakes. 

Tactics Matter

One of the most important parts of filing for a divorce is sitting down with your attorney and explaining to them your situation and what you are looking to gain through the divorce. The attorney can then help you decide on a plan to proceed so that your rights and assets are protected. None of this can happen with most online divorce sites. You will not receive personalized counsel, and you will not receive the guidance that an attorney can provide to you. 

Get It Right the First Time

It is easier and better to file correctly for divorce the first go-round. By filing online, you risk making a mistake and having to hire an attorney to “fix” your error. When an attorney has to go back and remedy a mistake, it can cost more than if they had just handled the matter from the beginning. Also, just because the documents were filed online does not mean you will not be required to appear in court at a later date to clarify your documentation or address some other issue before the court.

Laws Vary

Every state has laws peculiar to just that state, and to make matters more complicated, each county in a state may have its own rules and laws. Unfortunately, online divorce sites may not be familiar with these differences, and that lack of knowledge may cause you to file incorrect documents or completely miss filing something necessary. 

Speak With A Divorce Lawyer at Simpson Legal Group, LLC 

If you are considering filing for a divorce, make sure your rights are protected by retaining an attorney that has your best interests at heart. Contact the legal professionals at Simpson Legal Group, LLC, by calling 712-256-9899 or via our contact page.

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