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I Lost My Job — How Does This Affect My Child Support Payments?

By Aug 7, 2020 Posted in Articles

If you are one of the millions of Americans facing unemployment, and are obligated to make child support payments, it is likely that you have several questions and concerns. At Simpson Legal Group, LLC., we are willing to guide you through this stressful time by helping you to figure out a solution. It is important to know that losing your job does not mean that you are excused from making child support payments. Before stopping, or reducing, your child support payments, you must first ask the Court to do so.  You cannot merely quit paying your support.

The Court will examine the circumstances of your case to determine if your child support obligation should be reduced. Some of those circumstances may include the fact that you lost your job involuntarily, due to no fault of your own, that you are actively attempting to obtain new employment, whether you received some sort of severance package, and many more circumstances.

Facing job loss can be extremely daunting even without the added financial obligation of making monthly child support payments. Thankfully, our attorneys at Simpson Legal Group, LLC., can assist you in explaining your options and finding a solution if you, or your former spouse, is facing unemployment. For any further questions, please call us at Simpson Legal Group, LLC., (712) 256-9899.

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