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Getting Remarried? Get a Prenup!

By Dec 28, 2020 Posted in Articles

            Although, possibly not the most romantic topic to broach with your future spouse, it might end up being an extremely useful agreement. A properly drafted prenuptial agreement can provide clarity and reduce disputes if and when divorce becomes a reality. The attorneys at Simpson Legal Group, LLC assist with the preparation, drafting, and enforcement of comprehensive and personally-tailored prenuptial agreements in the state of Iowa. These agreements are contracts that address the ownership and division of property in the event that the marriage ends and may also involve disposition of life insurance and pension benefits, or other issues. The certainty that a prenuptial agreement can bring to the end of a marriage has value for couples regardless of their respective income levels.

            We approach issues involving prenuptial agreements like we approach all aspects of divorce and family law. We work closely with each client to get a full picture of their situation and a complete understanding of their issues and goals. By developing an appreciation for our clients’ concerns, we can craft prenuptial agreements that protect their rights and can challenge those that are clearly unjust.

            If you have questions about prenuptial agreements, or need assistance with issues involving a prenup, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you to see how we can help. Please call Simpson Legal Group, LLC, at (712)-256-9899 to arrange a consultation.


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