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Divorce Do’s and Don’ts

By Sep 30, 2022 Posted in Articles

People experience many emotions when going through a divorce. However, as their rights to their children, money, and other assets are called into question, many people act in ways that are contrary to their nature. Because of this, we offer the following “do’s and don’ts” for anyone going through a divorce.

What You Should Do

When going through a divorce, it is best to keep a level head, and

  • Stay busy! A divorce can take its toll on your energy and desire to be involved with others. Push yourself to still take part in daily activities and spend time with friends and family.
  • Educate yourself! When you are prepared for what might happen, it is easier to handle the future. Talk to your lawyer and become familiar with the divorce process. 
  • Take time for yourself! Do things that bring you pleasure and relax you, whether it’s having a spa day or hitting the greens. So often, during a divorce, people are too preoccupied to spend time on what they need for their mental health. 
  • Keep the Peace! It can be tempting to engage in bickering and back-and-forth comments with your estranged spouse, especially when they instigate this type of argument. It is best to avoid engaging in these negative conversations whenever possible. 
  • Keep Records! Many people get confused about what happened on what date as they are going through a divorce. Keep a calendar and write everything down. You never know what may prove helpful in court.

What You Should Not Do

Just as important as the list of things you should do is the following list of things you should not do:

  • Don’t Involve the Kids! Divorce is hard enough on children without their parents talking badly about one another. Instead, ensure your children receive the love and support they need during this time.
  • Don’t lie! It can be tempting to withhold information or tell incorrect information to your attorney. This is never a good idea. The last thing that needs to happen is for your attorney to be surprised and unprepared in court because you failed to tell them the truth. 
  • Don’t Ignore Court Orders! During the divorce process, the court may issue an order that you do not agree with. Even so, do not violate the terms of the order. If you do, it can reflect very poorly on you the next time you appear before a judge.
  • Don’t Give Up! When you are going through a divorce, life can feel overwhelming. Just remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and do not lose hope. You will get through this, and you will have happy times again.

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