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How To Navigate Divorce If You Have A Family Business

By Aug 31, 2022 Posted in Divorce

Divorces are tough no matter the circumstances, but when a family business is involved, matters become even more complicated. Not only do you have to decide who gets what regarding your personal items, but you also have to contend with how your livelihood will be affected. At Simpson Legal Group, LLC, we assist business owners facing a divorce in navigating the process, so they best protect themselves and their source of income. Decide What You […]

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How To Move Forward Financially After Divorce

By Aug 15, 2022 Posted in Divorce

A divorce can be life-altering in many different ways, including your finances. Untangling your money and assets from those of a former spouse can take time and planning, and having an attorney that knows how to steer you in the right direction is crucial. At Simpson Legal Group, LLC, we help our clients to move forward financially after divorce. Listed below are some steps a newly divorced or soon-to-be-divorced person should take to prepare themselves […]

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Who gets the house in a divorce?

By Jul 29, 2022 Posted in Divorce

The division of assets in a divorce can be extremely contentious, and often the issue of who gets to keep the house is at the heart of the disagreement. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question as certain matters must be considered to determine who gets the family home in a divorce. The attorneys at Simpson Legal Group explain what these factors are.  Agreement Between the Parties The courts in Iowa encourage parties […]

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Tips On Co-Parenting During Vacations

By Jul 18, 2022 Posted in Child Custody

Divorce is never easy, but when both parents prioritize the well-being of the children they share, everybody wins. This includes having a clear co-parenting plan in place during all life’s events, from everyday interactions to holidays and vacations. Following are some tips from the attorneys at Simpson Legal Group, LLC on effectively co-parenting from a divorce. Be Familiar With Your Divorce Decree If you have not already, one of the first things you should do is […]

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Custody Rights During Divorce

By Jun 30, 2022 Posted in Child Custody

If you are facing the end of your marriage and you have minor children, you are likely wondering how divorce will affect your custody rights. At Simpson Legal Group, LLC, we represent parents throughout the divorce process and help them maintain their relationship with their children. The good news is that the state of Iowa as a whole promotes children having a relationship with both parents whenever feasible. Custody, however, is broken down into two […]

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Can Prenuptial Agreements In Iowa Determine Child Custody?

By Jun 15, 2022 Posted in Prenuptial Agreements

Before walking down the aisle, some couples enter into a contract known as a prenuptial agreement. Prenuptial agreements allow the future bride and groom to decide beforehand how their assets will be divided should they ever go through a divorce. While this can be advantageous for various reasons, there are some matters that should not be addressed in a prenuptial agreement, and one of them is child custody.  Enforceability of Child Custody Provisions In Prenuptial […]

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Child Care Expense Variance (IOWA) Recent Changes to the Iowa Child Support Guidelines

By May 31, 2022 Posted in Child Custody

Raising children is expensive, and if you are a working single parent of a young child, a large part of that expense is childcare. The average annual cost for an infant in a child care center was $10,131 in 2019, and it seems safe to assume it’s only gone up since then. Thankfully, the Iowa legal system has recognized the need for both parents to contribute to the cost of childcare and has made changes […]

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Is Filing for Divorce In Iowa Online a Good Idea?

By May 15, 2022 Posted in Divorce

The dissolution of your marriage is a matter that should be taken seriously, and it is also a matter that should be handled by a legal professional that understands the law and how it works in Iowa. Relying upon any person or entity that is not an Iowa licensed attorney is never, in our opinion, a good idea. At Simpson Legal Group, LLC, we are attorneys that have dedicated our careers to helping people in […]

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Protecting Family and Generational Assets During A Divorce

By Apr 17, 2022 Posted in Articles

Prove Assets Are Pre-Marital One way to protect family and generational assets during a divorce is to prove that those assets are pre-marital. Keep records of all separate property before the marriage. Also consider maintaining separate bank accounts for any pre-marital funds and current income. Ensure that you are following all laws under the Internal Revenue Service. Keeping pre-marital assets in the original name only, unless shared with siblings or other family, is another option. […]

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Spending Of Marital Assets During A Divorce

By Apr 4, 2022 Posted in Articles

The process of dividing up marital assets can be complicated and lead to disagreements between the divorcing couple. It is important to understand how marital property is divided in a divorce, as well as the legalities surrounding spending your shared assets during the divorce process. Every divorce will have unique circumstances, and it is important to ensure your legal and financial rights remain protected. Contact the experienced divorce attorneys at Simpson Legal Group at 712-256-9899 […]

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